Our Savorite Things

  • 10 Tips for a Successful Outdoor Movie Night

    There’s something magical watching a movie outside, even in this hyper-techy age where you can watch anything on demand anywhere.   Backyard movie nights are are simple, cost-effective events that summer family memories are made of.  With candy, wine, and a couple of desserts, everyone is happy as a clam.  View Post
  • Daddy Dates: One-on-One Breakfasts

    We've found the one-on-one dates in the morning before school to be the perfect bonding time. In only 45 minutes, the combination of a croissant and chess, books and bacon, makes special memories for both kids and dads alike. View Post
  • Just You and Me, Kid: The Importance of Mommy Dates

    Even though there's precious little quality time with all my kids, I have found it super helpful to reserve one-on-one time with each of the.  A "Mommy Date" is the present I really want for Mother's Day.

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