Our Savorite Things

  • Organizational Resolutions You Might Actually Keep

    Many of us wish we were more organized. Yet, despite our best intentions and all the annual New Year’s resolutions, we rarely make progress in that area of our lives.  But what if instead of the huge obstacle that is "getting organized," we just tackled those one or two small things that could ma...
  • Friday Night Lights: Creating Family Rituals

    Durinthe monotony of covid, instilling family rituals have become even more critical. As we now work from home, not only is the division between the week and weekend less pronounced, the daily division between work and home has blurred. Rituals help us make special family memories where otherwise we would just be plowing straight through. 
  • 10 Tips for a Successful Outdoor Movie Night

    There’s something magical watching a movie outside, even in this hyper-techy age where you can watch anything on demand anywhere.   Backyard movie nights are are simple, cost-effective events that summer family memories are made of.  With candy, wine, and a couple of desserts, everyone is happy as a clam.