Our Savorite Things

  • Savor donating all profits to families in crisis

    We believe all families deserve happy memories.  And while we are all struggling now, for some families, the situation is more dire.  That's why we're donating all profits  through April 15 to families in crisis from Covid-19.
  • 10 Passover Traditions We Love (Brisket included)

    Passover is filled with family and religious traditions we love, from brisket to inviting non-Jewish friends to share in the holiday meal and ritual.  These top 10 Passover tips focus on making great food and great memories, with the least amount of fuss.
  • Best Books of 2018 for Cold 2019 Nights

    It's getting to be the thick of winter, snow season in New York.  Going out can be brutal, so we prefer to stay in with a good book, a glass of wine and some cookie dough.   Here's my list of best books I read in 2018.