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  • What’s your most important keepsake?

    When my mom was only 13-years-old, her mother died after a painful battle with cancer.  Her father got remarried to a woman who, to put it mildly, was not the warm and fuzzy type.  When my mom left for college, her stepmother got rid of all of my mom’s personal treasures.  All of them.  So I don’...
  • Clear Skies Ahead: Must-Read Tips for Airplane Travel with Kids

    There’s no doubt that talking about a long flight can fill a parent with trepidation.  I remember one flight home from my in-laws in Europe when my youngest was around 1 1/2—that danger zone when he was mobile, but not talking; opinionated but not able to be reasoned with.  He would neither sit ...
  • Taking Young Kids to Europe, A Parent's Guide to Survival in 16 Tips

    Many people ask me whether my kids, who range in ages from 5-10 were too young for trip to European capitals or whether it’s worth the effort.   It definitely takes planning, and it's not always easy, but these are 16 key ideas that made our European trip a truly bon voyage.