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  • Get Organized for the New Year!

    How many times have you started January with the intent of getting more organized? Yet despite New Year’s resolutions or best intentions, we rarely make progress in this area of our lives.   But what if instead of the huge obstacle that is "getting organized," we just tackled those one or two sm... View Post
  • 8 Tips for Getting Kids to Write Thank You Notes

    Honey, Did My Package Arrive? The Dreaded Thank You Note.   Call us old-fashioned, but we are firm believers in the thank you note. Not the Internet dashed off e-mail, not a text, but an honest-to-goodness hand-written note that you had to find an envelope and stamp for and then stick in the ma... View Post
  • The Most Important Tip about Organizing Childhood Keepsakes

    It may seem strange for a site dedicated to preserving memories to say that our number one tip is: Don’t save it.  Throw it out.  But it is core to who we are because part of what makes us so overwhelmed by all the stuff we collect and save from our kids, is that we collect and save so much.   A... View Post