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  • Get Organized for the New Year!

    How many times have you started January with the intent of getting more organized? Yet despite New Year’s resolutions or best intentions, we rarely make progress in this area of our lives.   But what if instead of the huge obstacle that is "getting organized," we just tackled those one or two sm... View Post
  • What's your most important childhood keepsake?

    When my mom was only 13-years-old, her mother died after a painful battle with cancer.  Her father got remarried to a woman who, to put it mildly, was not the warm and fuzzy type.  When my mom left for college, her stepmother got rid of all of my mom’s personal treasures.  All of them.  So I do... View Post
  • Taking A Great Family Photo Without Killing Your Family

    A great family photo for a holiday card or your living room shelf is a keepsake to treasure.  But getting there can make you go a little crazy.  We've got ideas to keep you sane during the process and guaranteed to get better results.  Or at least less wrinkles in the process.


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