Who We Are


Jennifer McAllister-Nevins

I’m a lawyer and fundraiser by training, but I’m also that go to mom of 3 that people rely on for advice in planning a kickass birthday party that doesn’t take a degree in arts and crafts, a weeknight dinner party that looks fancy but can be done in an hour, or the perfect birthday gift for anyone from a four-year-old to a grandmother. When The New York Times coined the word “crambitious,” meaning optimistically overextending yourself, it could have said “see Jenny Nevins.” I don’t sit still a lot. My favorite memento is a letter my mom wrote to my twin sister and I when we were 18 months that could just as easily have been written today. 

Karla the Losen

I've built a career on managing teams that create innovative, award-winning products for creative brands.  When I had my own children I was leading a team at OXO and like many parents, realized that high chairs were eye sores and impossible to use and even more impossible to clean. The OXO Tot line, easy-to-use, practical, aesthetically pleasing kids products, was the result. I’m also obsessed with organization. Growing up in a family of 5 kids in Florida, I understood that you either labeled it or lost it. It’s a skill I’ve honed as an adult negotiating the small spaces of NYC apartment living. My favorite memento is a pair of photos:  one is of me wearing a sailor suit and the other is of my son in the same suit many years later.