Our Savorite Things

  • Women-Owned Businesses You Need to See

    A list of 5 of our favorite women-run businesses in honor of International Women's Month. A collection of amazing, female operated shops to support this March!
  • The 10 Documents Every New Puppy Owner Needs

    A list of the 10 top documents for new puppy owners. A collection of the most important papers to keep safe and organized when bringing home a new dog or pet.
  • Must-Have Documents to Keep in Your Folio

    You may still be living at home, but having key documents organized, from driver's licenses to passports to leases can make you feel a little more adult (and might actually get your parents to treat you that way!). A checklist of important life documents that every young person needs when graduating, getting their first apartment, or just growing up.  The Folio by Savor has labels and files that show you just what to save and where to find it.