An Easy and Stress-Free Guide to Preserving Your Baby's Memories

An Easy and Stress-Free Guide to Preserving Your Baby's Memories

I used to have this massive plastic bin filled with my kid’s most important memories and keepsakes. The bin felt as appealing as wading through a messy closet. So I never looked at it. Plus, because it was ugly and sat at the top of the closet out of reach, so new keepsakes just accumulated on a lower shelf waiting for me to never bother filing them away. There were many memories I wanted to save, but no good way to do it. 

Saving Baby Memories Simply

That's where the initial idea for the Savor Baby Deluxe Keepsake Boxes came from; there *had* to be a better way of saving these important childhood memories. I wanted to make these keepsakes less a source of dread and more a source of joy. I felt it could be simpler and nicer than my bin.a woman and a child putting a label on a slate baby deluxe keepsake box

One Go-To Home for Keepsakes

When we spoke with parents, organizers, and archivists, we realized the key to organization system is finding one go-to home to collect items. Without a home, important items end up on the counter, creating clutter, or scattered and getting lost or damaged.  

3 Tips for Saving Your Baby's Memories

1. Keep It Simple

The other problem with the plastic tub was that it mixed all my items together. So we created illustrated labels for the drawers and files to help sort the childhood memories and keepsakes easily. It's easy to know what to save and where to find it. It's not pre-labeled, so you can customize to save what matters most to you.

2. Keep Memories Safe

We use acid-free and lignin-free paper to line the drawers and for files, so memories are preserved. Custom-dyed book-cloth exterior, magnetic closure, and stoppered drawers ensure baby's keepsakes stay intact and contained. 

 3. Keep Memories Accessible 

We specifically designed Savor Keepsake Boxes to be stylish, like beautiful books, so they're fit for display in the most elegant rooms and to be passed down to the next generation. This also means they are easy to access for filing and enjoyment.Kid playing the piano in front of a bookshelf with Savor products.

Keepsake Solutions at Every Stage 

Depending on your child's age, you have different keepsakes and mementos you want to save.  

Baby Deluxe Keepsake Box

The Deluxe Baby Keepsake Box: For the Early Years

For your baby's milestones, the Baby Deluxe Keepsake Box has everything you need to make organizing baby memories simple.

  • The Collections Box has 9 drawers that can hold baby's first shoes, first lost tooth, first locks of hair, and other precious mementos.  You can customize each drawer with a different label depending on what you want to save.
  • The Chronicles Box includes 8 vertical file folders to hold onto those baby cards, sonogram photos, birth certificate, and other important documents.  
School Years Deluxe Keepsake Box

The School Years Keepsake Box: For Ages 4 and Up

When kids start school, the keepsakes focus more on the art they create and the things they write. So the School Years box focuses on holding important papers, less on objects.

  • Two books, Work and Whimsy each contain 8 vertical file folders, perfect for storing a report card, child's artwork, class pictures, and more.
  • Over 50 hand-illustrated labels suggest, but then let you choose what school memories to save, whether its a letter to Santa or the Tooth Fairy, artwork, or a school award.
  • Initials show at an instant which box is whose, although you can also slide photos into the frames.
  • Extra space in each box fits larger items, like a team jersey, sports medal, or photo book.

Savoring Childhood Memories

I feel relieved knowing that my kids' items are all safe. But I love even more that we actually enjoy these memories. Whenever my daughter Lucy wants to see a picture of what she looked like in mommy’s belly, now I can just open the sonogram folder and show her!