Hey Dads, Ready for Mother's Day?

Hey Dads, Ready for Mother's Day?
Mother's Day is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like the dads I’ve been talking to, you’re probably starting to feel the heat.  How do you show appreciation for a mom who juggles it all with grace? The key is finding gifts that mean something—gifts that celebrate her and acknowledge all she does for the family.

Take the Pressure Off with These Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Getting the right Mother’s Day present can be daunting.  But here’s the good news:  There are lots of meaningful gifts that don’t need to set you back too much.  Below are some of our suggestions for ways to celebrate mom.


Crossing off the to-do list

We all have those lingering projects around the house that somehow never get done, whether it’s hanging that picture that's been leaning against the wall for years to finally getting that shower to work like it’s supposed to. Trust me,  there is nothing sexier to a mom than ticking off her to-do list.  
Two people putting a label on a slate folio

Gift her peace of mind

Sometimes the best gift is peace of mind. Organize all your essential documents—from wills to birth certificates—in one accessible place like a Family Command Center or the Folio. Protecting your family’s future by ensuring you’re prepared is a true act of love mom will appreciate. 
pink baby deluxe keepsake box with blue folders and baby porps

Tell her Story as a Mom 

It’s the rare mother’s day gift that actually celebrates mom for being mom. The Baby Deluxe Keepsake Box tells the story of her motherhood journey, from pregnancy through pre-school.  With hand-illustrated labels that guide her in what keepsakes to save, it’s a super simple and chic way to save the memories that matter most to her.
little girl on a kitchen counter redy to bake

Stock the freezer

Managing meals every day can be a hassle even if your mom loves to cook. Part of it is just the mental energy required to answer that “what’s for dinner” question for the billionth time. Spend a day preparing batches of soups, stews, and other freezer-friendly dishes she likes. The pleasure of coming home after a long day and not have to think about what’s in the fridge, who will run to the store, or how you’ll get dinner on the table between work, homework, and activities is one mom will savor.
woman saving a aphoto on a slate story box

Story Box

In this digital era, where we take pictures of every meal we have and everything is stored in a cloud, it’s hard to keep track of our most special photos. Dive deep into the cloud and gather mom’s favorite photos that celebrate your family’s most memorable times. Tuck them all inside a Story Box and display one on the outside.  Top it with a handwritten note for a one-of-a-kind gift that she'll cherish forever.
mom with two girls and a folio

Turn home into a hotel 

Transform your home into a relaxing retreat for a day. Set up a cozy retreat complete with all her favorite snacks and pampering treats, order in from that new place she’s been dying to try, and most importantly let her choose the movie for once.

A letter from the Heart

My kids never believe me, but a thoughtful, heartfelt letter is always my favorite present. Sit down with the kids and make sure they really take time to create a meaningful message or drawing.  It’s a gift she’ll treasure forever—especially when it's stored in a beautiful Savor box. 


These gifts aren't just thoughtful—they're personal, creative, and sure to make this Mother's Day memorable. Whether you're giving her a break from daily chores or helping her preserve cherished memories, these ideas are all about celebrating the incredible mom she is.