"It’s nice to be able to keep both paper or photos and small trinkets together in one organizer and then put the whole thing on display. The boxes fit nicely on a bookcase, office shelves, or built-ins in the living room."

- Organize & Clean | I’m Obsessed with This Stylish Organizer That Holds My Keepsakes That Usually Get Hidden Away | January 2023



"I think [the In Case I Go Missing Binder] is uniquely important for women."

TikTok's 'In Case I Go Missing Binder' Trend | January 2023




'“As seen on TikTok,” its product page announces, the binder “makes it super easy for the true-crime obsessed to record their key stats for their loved ones.” These “key stats” are bits of info that might come in handy if one were to go missing, and they range from practical—medical records and financial statements—to possibly paranoid, like dental records, fingerprints, and lists of “hangout spots.”'

- Downtime | A Very Aesthetic Murder | January 2023




"I utilized this solution to store cards from my grandmother, who usually writes sweet notes inside. I'm able to fit a good amount of cards inside the box with a photo of us on the front. It sits on my bedroom dresser, so I can see her often and open the box when I want to reflect on her sentiments."

- Organization Tips | How to Store Cards to Prevent Damage to Your Keepsakes | January 2023

"If they love to hold on to museum tickets, maps, seashells, and other odds and ends from their travels, this Travel Vault is a great way to keep everything in one place."



"A great way to store holiday heirlooms or precious ornaments that require a more sturdy and secure packaging."

- Gift Guides | Marie Kondo on 'intentional gifting,' dealing with holiday clutter and presents that 'spark joy' | November 2022


"A great way for parents to document important milestone moments without being overwhelmed - especially for each subsequent child, it seems we have less and less time to document happenings. This vault box makes it so easy with labels and boxes on exactly what to collect."

- Shopping | The 30 Best Gifts for Kids of 2022, According to Savvy Tastemakers | November 2022




"Time flies when you've got a new baby, but she can freeze time by collecting all of their little mementos—and memories—with a keepsake box. With drawer labels for things like first shoes and the first tooth they lose, this gift will be treasured for years to come."

- Gifts | 48 Best Gifts For Pregnant Women And First Time Moms Expecting A New Bundle Of Joy | November 2022




"For a showstopping baby shower gift, look no further than this all-encompassing keepsake box."

- Glamour Gift Shop | 20 Best Personalized Baby Gifts for Parents Who Love a Custom Moment | November 2022




 "Storing all the sentimental treasure from baby’s life — a lost tooth, a lock of hair, a tiny pair of shoes — is no easy feat, so give the gift of a gorgeous library to host it all."

- Holidays & Special Occassions | 30 adorable baby shower gifts that parents will actually want | August 2022



"I’ve worked in law enforcement for 17 yrs. This is very smart. Let one friend and family know where this binder is. This [saves] hours of work!"

- Lifestyle | True-crime fanatic’s ‘In case I go missing’ folder sparks worries on TikTok | January 2022



"This is a great option for anyone with limited space who just wants to keep all the essentials in one spot. The whole thing also closes tight with an elastic cord, allowing you to toss it in a closet or safe without worrying that it will fall apart."

- Live Smarter | 8 Products Perfect for Organizing and Protecting Your Most Important Documents | November 2021








"Whether you missed sending a gift to the new mom in your life or want to send another thoughtful one, try a monogrammed keepsake box"

- Gift Guides | Show Them How Much You Care With These Thoughtful Gifts | November 2021



"There are so many milestones to track with a new baby, which is why mom Ellie Rountree, an editor at Vox Creative, says this keepsake box she’s given to several new-parent friends “has always been a hit.” The fabric-lined box includes 50 illustrated and acid-free labels along with drawers and compartments to organize everything from sonograms to lost baby teeth."

- Recommended by Experts | The Best Baby-Shower Gifts, According to Experts | August 2021





"This thoughtful gift is something that both parents and little ones will treasure over the years, especially decades from now."

"If dad loves organization, a keepsake box that he can give to his child one day may be the perfect gift. "

- Gift Guides | The best baby shower gifts of 2021 | July 2021

- Gift Guides | 23 Father's Day gift ideas for new and soon-to-be dads | June 2021




"Savor The Library is a Sag Harbor, New York-based Etsy shop from Jennifer McAllister-Nevins. They sell more everyday organization products as well as keepsake boxes for pets, babies, and weddings."

- Shopping | Just 40 Storage Solutions For Those With Too Much Stuff | February 2021



"Among the things no one ever taught you — alongside how to balance a checkbook and anything regarding the stock market — is the importance of organizing all your essential documents. From your social security card to your birth certificate, keeping important documents readily available is vital in case of an emergency.

To help you along the way, this viral folder is the solution to helping you get organized — and have peace of mind. Plus, it’s going viral on TikTok so you know it’s good."

- In The Know | This document organizer is the one thing you would grab 'if the house was burning down' | February 2021






"If Mom doesn't already have a proper spot to keep all her baby keepsakes, she'll appreciate this vault with spots for everything from hospital bracelets and ultrasounds to their first pair of shoes."

- Celebrations | 20 Gifts Moms Celebrating Their First Mother's Day Will Love | April 2020



"..This personalized organizer will become the home base for family memories."

- Organizing | 14 home storage solutions from Jenn Falik's Better Basics | January 2019