"These genius products make it a cinch to keep your stuff. . . .Keep your little one's letters, class photos, awards and more in one chic streamlined place."  

-Real Simple (read more)

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"We are kind of obsessed."

-The Home Edit, (read more)

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"Even as an adult, I really appreciate the fact that my mom not only kept a baby book but also saved many of my keepsakes from elementary school. This Baby Keepsake Box is my new go-to shower gift, and the School Years Keepsake Box makes a great gift for anyone with kids."

-Nancy Einhart, POPSUGAR Executive Editor, December 2016 (read more) 

"Savor, the company whose slogan is 'Keepsake Storage Reinvented,' is taking the clutter at the top of the closet and moving it to an effortlessly stylish memento box..." 

-NY Family Magazine, Sept. 2016 (read more)

"The folks at Savor understand that not only do you want to note important milestone dates, you also need a place to store your hospital bracelets, a first pacifier or even a beloved baby rattle ... Their Collections box opens up to reveal a system of drawers (also acid free) to protect all those little things that are just too precious to end up in a shoebox."

-Project Nursery, Aug. 2016 (read more)

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"[An] excellent resource."

-Houzz, May 2017 (read more)

"The result is The Library, a gorgeous, super-easy system for organizing and celebrating all those physical keepsakes. The handmade cloth-covered boxes are meant to be displayed like beautiful books and come with thoughtful labels and folders, making organization a cinch." 

-Rockets of Awesome, from the founders of Cricket's Circle, Sept. 2016 (read more)

 Savor wins two awards at NY Family, NY Baby Show 2016 Best in Show and Best Blogger Favorite 

-NY Family Magazine, May 2016 (read more)


“Savor's new Baby Edition Keepsake Box is a SLEEK way to organize mementos and notes.” - Stroller Traffic, April 2016 (read more)



IHHS, Design Debut Meets Savor Founders Jennifer McAllister-Nevins & Karla the Losen - International Housewares Association Blog, May 2016 (read more)