Why Pink & Blue Now?

Why Pink & Blue Now?

We’ve always sought at Savor to be a little ahead of the curve. We wanted to modernize the keepsake category.   

Part of that was our unique color palette. We were determined to be modern and different. So  instead of more traditional gendered colors light pink and baby blue, we offered Ocean and Plum Deluxe Baby Keepsake boxes. We were the modern baby keepsake company, and that meant bright, new twists on tradition. (Of course, we also had a gender-neutral baby keepsake box color, Slate.)


We hear you loud and clear

But one of the things I’ve loved about having a small business is the direct connection to our customers. I still read many of your comments and concerns. You hold us accountable. You tell us what we are doing wrong, and what we are doing right.

Believe me, we are listening. What you told us was that you wanted these traditional lighter “baby” colors.

We do not get stuck in place. Instead, a benefit of being small is that we don’t just listen, we can be nimble and adjust. This connection between our customers and ourselves is one of the most gratifying parts of having a business. Even if sometimes it means that your initial instinct may have run its course.


Open blossom baby deluxe keepsake box with sky folders and baby props

Just in time…

So now, just as Mother's Day approaches, we are thrilled to announce that we heard you. Introducing:  Blossom Pink and Sky Blue Deluxe Baby Keepsake Boxes.  They make for the perfect Mother's Day gift, offering a sophisticated way for moms to cherish and revisit their child's earliest moments, now in the colors that you’ve specifically requested.  

They’re also perfect for those upcoming baby showers. These fresh colors are perfect for spring.  More than just gifts, these keepsake boxes capture the essence of those fleeting first memories in colors that reflect the warmth and love of this special relationship.


Sky baby deluxe keepsake box personalized with harper on a blossom baby deluxe kepsake box

Keep ‘em coming

We cherish the dialogue we've built with you, our valued customers, and are always eager to hear more. Your insights, stories, and suggestions inspire us to continue evolving and tailoring our products to meet your needs and desires. Whether it's a color suggestion, a feature request, or what we can do to make your Mother’s Day or baby shower gift really stand out, we love to hear from you. Your feedback is the heartbeat of our business, guiding us as we grow and adapt in this ever-changing world of parenting and memory-keeping.


We’re not just creating keepsake boxes; we’re crafting homes for your most precious memories, together.