Family Emergency Binder vs. Family Command Center: Do I need both?

labels sheet on top of someting blue family emergency binder.

In a world of constant change and unpredictability, staying organized and prepared is crucial for security and stability. Discover how a Family Emergency Binder and a Family Command Center can make a significant difference in managing both unexpected events and daily life.


Closed slate family emergency binder on top of an open something blue family emergency binder with props.


Why a Family Emergency Binder Matters

  • Centralizes essential life documents to save precious time: In an emergency, time is often pressing. Having key documents like a loved one’s insurance, doctors or allergies ensures they get the care they need quickly.
  • Keeps focus on your loved one, not the paperwork: The last thing you want to do when you’re facing a family emergency is rifle through papers. Being able to turn to a binder or box with all the answers gathered together alleviates one challenge during a difficult time.
  • Avoids complications after a loved one’s passing: When an estate is in disarray, grieving becomes additionally burdened. One mortician told us, “I cannot tell you how many times next of kin can’t find paperwork for arrangements and it stresses them out.” Another person told us “I wish my dad had [a family emergency binder]. Settling his estate was a nightmare.”
  • Protects your loved one’s wishes: When my dad got sick, as awful as it was, difficult decisions were made easier because we knew exactly what he wanted with a living will, in his funeral decisions, and how to divide his estate.

Woman at desk pealing a label to use on a something blue family emergency binder


What’s the Best Way to Keep Emergency Documents?

  • Mostly documents: When documents are the primary concern, the Family Emergency Binder, which has 10 different-sized envelopes, is the best bet.
  •  If you have more to save: For larger documents and items like wills, checkbooks, keys, and deeds, consider the Family Emergency Vault, which has drawers, cubbies, and lots of space for papers.


open and propped slate family emergency vault in front of a closed slate family emergency binder


What is the Purpose of a Family Command Center?

  • Centralizes Key Household Items: A Family Command Center provides one go-to home for the documents and items that may otherwise get scattered or lost. It can hold everything from passports to permission slips, gift cards to mail, stamps to office supplies.
  • Streamlines Daily Challenges: A Family Command Center avoids the “Where’s My…?” questions that get asked every day. It organizes and keep tidy key items such as keys, passwords, schedules, and other essential items.
  • Customizable to fit your Family: Because every family has different things they need to save, the Family Command Center is completely customizable with different labels.


Two woman standing in a kitchen looking at an open slate family emergency binder



Choosing Between a Family Emergency Binder and Family Command Center
Both serve distinct purposes.

  • Family Emergency Binder securely tucks away for less frequent access. Can even be kept in a safe or fireproof bag.
  • Family Command Center helps ease the chaos of daily family life and should be placed more centrally for daily accessibility and easy sharing.

Enhance your readiness for life's uncertainties with a Family Emergency Binder and streamline your daily life with a Family Command Center.