Our Savorite Things


  • The Easiest and Best Hostess or Teacher's Gift Ever! Homemade Vanilla Extract

    It's the season for hostess gifts. Our homemade vanilla extract is super easy and a memorable gift that stands out from all the candles and bottles of wine.  It takes about 5 minutes, and we've even included some downloads of gorgeous labels to personalize them. View Post
  • What's your most important childhood keepsake?

    When my mom was only 13-years-old, her mother died after a painful battle with cancer.  Her father got remarried to a woman who, to put it mildly, was not the warm and fuzzy type.  When my mom left for college, her stepmother got rid of all of my mom’s personal treasures.  All of them.  So I ... View Post
  • Preserving Baby's First Photo

    These days, the first photo of our little ones emerges before they do: the sonogram. As you may have noticed, they’re not printed on the most sturdy of materials. Indeed, the Scrapbook Preservation Society (SPS) has gone so far as to call them “unstable.” How do you ensure that you can preserve ... View Post