Women-Owned Businesses You Need to See

Women-Owned Businesses You Need to See

As a women-run and operated company, Women's History Month is a big deal for us. It never ceases to amaze us how many amazing women out there have found success through solving everyday problems in new and interesting ways. While we hear a lot about the Oprahs and Anna Wintours of the world, we wanted to highlight some small, women-run businesses that you might not have heard of just yet. So without further ado, here are 5 women-run businesses we love!


1. Maddie & Rossi


We had the pleasure of working with Hunter when creating our newest product, the Baby Remembrance Box. She turned the unimaginable heartbreak of losing a child into a community that uplifts and supports mamas of all kinds, bringing the discussion of child loss out into the open. Her company Maddie & Rossi sells cards, art, keepsakes, and more - all celebrating moms and the crazy miracle of motherhood. 


2. Simply Framed


We get asked all the time about how to store and save children's art.  Simply Framed is one answer we offer.  Founded by Dara Deshe Segal, Simply Framed makes the task of framing artwork as simple as possible. They offer free shipping both ways and can frame custom art and prints of all shapes and sizes. Choose a few favorites from your tiny Monet and display them.


3. Kahmune 

Kahmune works to make nude products for every shade. Founder Jamela Archeampong noticed that items advertised as "nude" tend to range from cream to tan and was unable to find a pair of pumps that blended perfectly with her skin tone. After she had to painstakingly paint a pair of white pumps to match her complexion, she decided to create her company Kahmune. They offer pumps, kitten heels, sandals, bags, and more in 10 different shades.


4. Gunner and Lux


While this duo is a daddy & daughter team, we need to highlight their amazing work. Their creative director is 11-year-old Riley, who began at age 7 selling her iconic necklaces from a lemonade stand.  They've expanded into parent/kid feminist t-shirts, headbands, book clubs and more.  From collabs with J.Crew to shoutouts in Vogue magazine, this girl is going places. I'm not sure what we were doing at age 11, but I think it involved OP shorts on sale and little else. 


4.  Zeppy Deppy Bandanas

Our friend Thea opened up her own pet bandana shop over quarantine and turned her extra time into adorable, creations she sews herself. With bandanas for cats and dogs alike, all your furry friends can look as stylish as you. 

While these are some of our favorite women-owned brands, this list could easily have been 100 pages long. Have a friend or family member that has created an amazing brand? Shout them out in the comments below! Let's get this International Women's Month off to the right start and turn our comment section into a list of incredible, women-run businesses to support.