The Art of Framing Kids' Artwork

The Art of Framing Kids' Artwork

As the end of the school year fast approaches, so does the annual purging of schoolwork. Yet while it may be easy to recycle math worksheets and science diagrams, kids' artwork storage is tougher to tackle.  Your Savor School Years Keepsake box provides a safe, acid-free home to organize key pieces.  But for kids' drawings and artworks that are worthy of display, we invited Dara Segal to help us with this common dilemma. Dara is the founder of Simply Framed, a CEO, an avid art collector, and a mom who helps people preserve art in a way that is both beautiful and functional. Here are her top 5 tips for framing and preserving kid's artwork.

1. Go with your gut 

alphabet drawings kids art for framing

The first step to framing your kids' art is arguably the hardest: Choosing which pieces to put on the wall! Dara says, "When it comes to framing and hanging your kid’s artwork, you need to love it. Maybe it’s the color palette, or it reminds you of a favorite abstract or modern artist, or the piece holds a special memory." Whatever it is, make sure to keep pieces you will treasure daily.


2. Make it a group effort 

Dara recommends that you get the artist involved in the framing of their piece! She says that instead of making it a strictly adult activity, "Get your kids involved in the process. Because Simply Framed only offers classic, timeless options, you can’t go wrong—so feel free to let your child help you select the frame and mat style.”


3. Make multiples 

If you are lacking inspiration, Dara recommends framing multiple works in the same medium, or around the same theme, and hanging them as a diptych or triptych to create a gallery wall that showcases your favorite little artist’s talent.


4. Light it up

While a classic wood frame may immediately come to mind, Simply Framed offers colorful Max Plexibox frames that make your kid’s art look modern, while adding to its inherently playful vibe. Explains Dara, "This is especially true for monochromatic pieces, like simple pencil or graphite drawings, as the bright plexi edge will add a perfect pop of color.”


5. Mix and Match

You don't need to relegate kids' art to the play room or a child's bedroom. Instead, Dara counsels, "Don't be afraid to add your children’s artwork to an existing gallery wall, mixed in with other mediums and artists’ work. This is a fun way to incorporate these special pieces in a way that feels unique and organic.” It also adds some spice and sentimentality to your gallery!

There you have it - 5 expert ways to elevate your kid's art from the fridge door to a gallery-worthy hanging! A special thanks to Dara Segal for weighing in on all things art and design, and be sure to check out Simply Framed for a seamless and easy framing process! 

Featured photo: Simply Framed, photographed by Emily Minton Redfield