Road Trip Souvenirs You'll Actually Want to Keep

Like many folks, we are getting ready for a spring break road trip.  The memories can last a lifetime, and so can the keepsakes that you pick up along the way. Unfortunately, most souvenirs lose their novelty within 5 minutes of leaving the store and become clutter in your home. So instead of grabbing a cheap tee shirt at the nearest gas station, here are some mementos that you can keep in your Savor Keepsake Vault and look back on fondly when you're stuck back at home. 

 1. Seashells



Searching for seashells can be both a great activity and keepsake in one beautiful home. While you should always make sure that you aren't disturbing the local environment, taking back one or two seashells can be a fun way to remember your days with sandy toes and salty hair.

2. Printed Photos



While iPhone photos are amazing for sharing with friends and family, there's nothing quite like a good, printed photo. Tangible memories can be few and far between, so pick some of your shots from your trip and get them developed. Place them in your Keepsake Box so you always know where to find them.

3. Postcards



Everyone knows that postcards are a fun souvenir to send to others, but switch it up and send one to yourself! At each location you visit along the trip, pick up a post card and have the whole family take part in writing what you did there. When you return, you'll have a fun collection of postcards and memories!

4. Family Portrait



You know those artists that crowd every tourist location, waiting to paint passing families and you wonder who actually does that? Well, sometimes the best is the worst.  Indulge in it, your kids will love it, and the hilarity of the drawing will be worth the price. Roll it up and store in your Savor Keepsake Box

5. Mugs


On the one hand, we all have a ton of mugs.  On the other hand, it's the memento we actually use and is a great way to support a local artisan.  

 6. Candles


This is another keepsake that is both fun and functional. Exploring the California Redwoods? Pick up an earthy, woody scent. Driving along the coast of Maine? Opt for a lighter, beachy scent. 

 7. Pamphlets



If you are trying to keep to a budget on your trip, pamphlets are a great keepsake that comes free with the adventure! Spending the day in a National Park? You're paying for entry, so keep the pamphlet as a souvenir!  Plus, they remind you of the names of the places you went and hikes you took, in case you get asked by friends for recommendations.

 8. Corks/Magnets/Snow Globes



While one wine cork, keychain, or snow globe can be cheesy, a bunch of them is suddenly a cool, curated collection. We like to get a little keychain from every place we visit, and keep them in a cute bowl as a memento of our trips over the years. 

 9. Local Textiles



Fashion fanatics can pick up a scarf, hat, or top from their trip and feel just a little bit cooler when walking down the street. Plus, you get to say that it was from “a little place right outside of Joshua Tree” when asked where you got it. Boom – you are now the main character.

10. Books



You can pick up coffee table books for your living room, classics for your bookshelf, or children’s books for the kiddos. While it's fun to get something that pertains to your trip, you can even pick up a book that you've been meaning to get at home and be reminded of your trip every time you crack it open.


While road trip souvenirs have been the butt of jokes for years, it's time that we flip the narrative! They can be functional, beautiful, and *gasp* classy. Proudly display bigger items, and tuck away little mementos beautifully in your Savor Keepsake Vault. We've even seen people get a new Savor box for each trip and turn each box into a little time capsule. Line them all up on a shelf and be reminded of your adventures every time you walk into your living room. 

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