Beyond the Wedding Album: 6 Easy Tips for Saving Wedding Memories

Beyond the Wedding Album: 6 Easy Tips for Saving Wedding Memories
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Raise your hand if it’s past your first anniversary, and you haven’t finished your wedding album yet.  Yeah, us, too. Setting aside special keepsakes is a great way to help relive the magic of your big day. Many folks don’t do it because they fear the process will be overwhelming.  But saving wedding memories can be super simple and satisfying.  

Here are some of our best ideas for how to document your wedding, without all the fuss.


1.  Start at the beginning

Don't wait until the big day to start collecting items that are significant. My friend wrote a letter to her mom from overseas after her first date with her (now) husband that said, "I'm sure by the time you get this, he'll be history." You can bet that made it to the cover of her wedding program!


Since our story didn't start with our wedding, I love that the Savor Wedding Edition Keepsake Box includes labels that start with the first date and go all the way through the first anniversary.   

2.  Assign a steward

The wedding day is over in a second, but the keepsakes live on for years to come. You’ll want to make sure someone is in charge of gathering the key items day of so you don’t have to think about grabbing that place card or wedding program before it's swept up by the caterers.
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3.  Keep it simple

The project of saving your memories doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Get a pretty box and start saving the items that matter. The Savor Wedding Edition Keepsake Box  labels guide you in what to save.  Get started by just peeling off a label, sticking it on a drawer or file, and popping your item in.

4.  Make it last

You probably spent a lot of energy and money (or both) choosing the right flowers for your event.  With a few minutes and the right materials, you can press flowers from your wedding arrangements, dry them, or turn them over to a professional for a framed keepsake of your wedding bouquet.
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5.  Don't just use the cloud

Yes, most of your items will be saved electronically.  But how often are you going to sit on the sofa and reread your wedding vows or your first love notes? Print out those key exchanges to review on your first anniversary or to share with your kids one day.
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6.  Enjoy them

Many of us go through the effort of saving mementos, only to keep them in some dusty box in the closet. From Christmas tree ornaments made with reception champagne corks to floral paperweights to miniature cake replicas, invest in keepsake memorabilia that will last.  The Savor Wedding Keepsake box was designed to be displayed so that you can pull these treasures out as easily as a good book.
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