Our Savorite Things


  • Taking A Great Family Photo Without Killing Your Family

    A great family photo for a holiday card or your living room shelf is a keepsake to treasure.  But getting there can make you go a little crazy.  We've got ideas to keep you sane during the process and guaranteed to get better results.  Or at least less wrinkles in the process.


  • What's In Your Library?: Founder of Momstamp and Mom of 4 Paulette Light shares the childhood mementos that stood the test of time

    We were already in awe of Paulette Light's ability to make parenting a brood of 4 kids seem easy when we learned about her amazing company, Momstamp.  It's basically an Angie's List for all the things a mom needs--from the best tutor to pediatrician to painter--but with the seal of approval from moms you know and their friends of friends.  So you know you can trust the recommendations.   With 4 kids, she has a lot of memories, and not a lot of time to organize them.   She told us how she manages the impossible balance, and which mementos made the cut for college.
  • 8 Tips for Getting Kids to Write Thank You Notes

    Honey, Did My Package Arrive? The Dreaded Thank You Note.   Call us old-fashioned, but we are firm believers in the thank you note. Not the Internet dashed off e-mail, not a text, but an honest-to-goodness hand-written note that you had to find an envelope and stamp for and then stick in the ma...