Baby Keepsake Vault & Box Gift Set (2 pieces)

  • $ 79.95
  • $ 84.95
Something Blue
We've paired our best selling Baby Keepsake Vault with our new Baby Keepsake Overflow box for the ultimate holiday gift set.  The Baby Keepsake Vault provides a beautiful and safe home with files and drawers for baby's most important documents and objects.  The Baby Overflow Box gives you a place to save larger collections, artwork, clothing and more.  Now all of your memories can be kept safely in one coordinate sleek set. Custom-dyed bookbinder fabric and acid-free lined boxes are meant to be displayed alongside the rest of your Savor Keepsake Collection.   10.02 x 3.5 x 12.88" (Vault)10.02 x 5 x 12.88" (Overflow Box)