Some people want to know why Savor Keepsake Boxes cost what they do.  The simple truth is they are expensive to make.  They are handmade with the highest-quality materials.  We use custom-dyed fabric, where others might use paper, and the interiors are all lined with acid-free archival paper so your items are protected.   Our keepsake boxes are encased in shells of reinforced paperboard. They weigh in at over 5-pounds, so these are solid, not flimsy.  In short, they are built to last, like the memories that fill them.

Our personalization is also a handmade process that takes time.  Our Michigan-based calligrapher Dana handwrites each name, prints and etches out the metallic, measures and applies the name, takes a breath, and then peels.  One mistake means starting over entirely.  This video gives you a small sense of the process and love that goes into making every personalized box very special.