For some it's the quality and that it's built to last, for others the easy organization system that works, and for others it's having a memorable gift or a way to pass down important memories beautifully.  But don't take our word for it, read theirs. 


"The quality of the product does not disappoint. It is sturdy and made to last. The customizable nature of the Savor Baby Keepsake Box makes me feel less overwhelmed then the traditional baby book did." - Amber 

"I was skeptical of spending so much, but it’s worth every penny. You can tell it is great quality which is what I was looking for to last through the years. If you want something to last this is it." - Cindi Allen


“The box material is so nice . . . . I am a graphic designer, so I am very picky about my paper products and I give this an A++++ :)” - Amazon Customer


"Confession: I am just not the type of mom who has the time or the talent to put together an entire baby book. I had great intentions of filling out a baby book for my son but all of the blank pages in it make me feel like a failure!  That's where Savor comes in! I was able to save the most precious items and memories of my son easily... I don't even need to have good handwriting as labels are provided.  What I have ended up with is a polished keepsake, that feels complete and I can be proud of. "- E. Mak 


"This is obviously a pricey product, but I really feel you are getting quality on par with the price. The whole thing is very thoughtfully put together and certainly the classiest incarnation of a “memory box” that I’ve seen on the market." - Magic's Mom


 “As a professional organizer, organization of your baby's memories doesn't get better than this!” - Bonnie J D


" The recent newlyweds were grateful for this piece to keep all of their wedding day mementos in a neat and organized as well as elegant location." - Nancy G 


“I saw this months ago and knew I wanted to give it as a gift to my daughter expecting her first baby . . . I had 4 children, and the old "baby books" didn't have a way to store the first lock of hair, baby hospital bracelet, etc., and they were probably lost forever.” – Sara


"This is my 2nd Keepsake Box from Savor. I purchased the Wedding Keepsake Box last year and was blown away by the quality. Now that I'm expecting my first child next month, I knew the Baby Keepsake Box would be perfect. I just received it and it's the same incredible quality and it looks so beautiful on the shelf." - Lauren Marchetti


"I love that you can put it in a bookshelf. I bought it for a friend who is getting married so that she can see what items to save as keepsakes during the big day!" – Amanda


"I wanted somewhere to keep all our keepsakes that wasn't a tote in the back of the closet. I love this! I can customize it to whatever I want. I will definitely be buying more for the years to come." - Amazon customer


"This is so perfect for anyone getting married! It's so sweet and thoughtful as a present because you don't think about getting it for yourself. Everyone saves memorabilia from their wedding! This way it can be stored and safe without loosing anything and look so elegant on a bookshelf or table for years to come! I will actually be buying one for myself in the near future as well! I got married a year ago and still have everything spread across the house. I can't wait to have it all together and look so nice!" – Jac


"I received a Savor box as a gift for my first son’s birth, and will get another one for my second! The color is super nice and vibrant. The materials are premium quality and the whole thing feels very luxurious." – Laura


"Love the box! Great quality. Great for storing all the things you want to keep but don't have a place for. Perfect gift for a baby shower or birthday too! I'll be buying the School Years box as well." - Lili Price


"This keepsake box is absolutely perfect! All of my baby’s most precious memories will be stored in this box. I love it so much it’ll be my gift of choice for future baby showers." - Mari Humphrey


"The product is a great way to save keepsakes from your special day! There were so many things that we were unable to save or store with our other paper memories from our wedding day that when we found this product for our brother and sister in law it was a perfect hit! No more smashing a boutonniere into a scrap book-- this will hold all of the 3D memories and trinkets from your special day." – Jane


"I LOVE this keepsake! I had been looking at a few online and I'm so happy I went with this one. . . .I love all the different boxes, the small ones for his hospital bracelet and hat, the medium sized ones for his baby shoes and the larger ones for hand prints and ultrasound pictures. I also find the large compartment with the folders perfect for keeping cards, his Hospital footprints and his journal I kept during my pregnancy. Thank you, Savor, for making such a useful & thoughtful keepsake box!" - M.R.


"We are so impressed with our keepsake box and have been (perhaps obnoxiously) recommending them to all of our friends! I've always been a saver, but I tend to just throw all of my special mementoes into a shoebox and they get damaged and all mixed up. These boxes are so well thought out with places for papers and photos in addition to items of several sizes and I LOVE that they come with labels for everything. I always have grand ideas that I'll never forget what each special thing I hold onto is from but who are we kidding? I don't remember. So having the ability to label them is key for me! (And to be honest I also use the labels as inspiration for what to hold onto that I might want later on - especially if it's for your first kiddo I think this is super helpful.) . . . . I tend to be more trusting of reviews that mention negative elements in addition to positive ones but I legitimately can't think of any criticisms for these boxes. They're well made, beautiful, and really special to have." - J. Reid


"I purchased this as a surprise for my best friend whose wedding is coming up very soon. She absolutely loves it and said that it seems very user-friendly! I wish I had one when I got married!" – Nicole


"It was bigger than I expected but I think it will look so cute in his nursery. I do wish there was a bigger drawer for some of the bigger items I’d like to keep but all in all it’s been perfect for storing all of his keepsakes. I can’t wait to get one for my next baby!" – Andrew


" I think these are such a better option than cheesy baby books and can keep all of those keepsakes together in one place while still being easy to tuck away on a shelf." - Allison Roosen


" This is beautiful. I gave it to my daughter-in-law and sone for their upcoming baby. They were delighted. They are real organizers, so they were excited to have baby memorabilia fit so well into their lives." - Melissa A.


"Very cool." - Tim Graver


"This is the third Savor keepsake box I've purchased and I must say that I absolutely love the product. It's a beautiful and genius way to keep track of all of your baby's important items -- everything from paperwork to trinkets (and blankets!) The fact that it's beautifully made and coordinates with all decor, allows you to display it on a shelf instead of inside a closet -- which as a designer, is important to me! I love knowing that everything is in one place and easily accessible and look forward to going through the boxes with my children once they get older. Would totally recommend to any mom!" - Michelle P


"I became aware of the Baby Keepsake Box from my friend’s baby registry, and of course, she was delighted to receive it. However, I was so delighted by it that when I learned of my second friend’s pregnancy, I ordered one for her immediately and can’t wait to give it to her. I am sure she will love it." – Rose


"I saw this at a Baby Show before my baby was born and was intrigued. I don't like to scrapbook and I don't think people make hope chests anymore like the one I grew up with at my mom's. I decided to pick this one up and love how easy it is to use. It's 100% customizable, so it is personal to you and your baby. Now everything I wanted to keep, cherish, and share is all in one place. It isn't bulky, looks great sitting with the books in the baby's room, and now we have an amazing keepsake that tells the amazing story of her journey thus far." - Jason Stafford


"What a wonderful way to keep all the baby mementos organized and safe in one spot!"- Andrew V


"I bought this for my best friend and her husband as a shower gift and they absolutely loved it. They had been talking about what they would do with the keepsakes from their big day and said this was perfect." - Lisa

"This is so unique. I bought a second after the first was so well-received at a baby shower." - Amazon customer


"I've long kept baby keepsakes in a plastic tote, but then have trouble easily finding what I need. This product has customizable drawers so that each keepsake has it's own drawer!" -  R. West


"Previously ordered one of these about two years ago for our first child and now expecting our second - so I went ahead and purchased another. The side with all of the boxes is PERFECT for all the little keepsakes that won't fit into a folder or photo album." - LFC8“


Terrific product! I really think it will last through the school years and I plan to purchase The Library again next year.” - A. Alan


"Going to buy one for every new mom I know (and even some that aren't so new)" - DecorQueen173

"When my son was born almost 18 years ago, I started a baby book. As the years progressed and he became the budding artist, historian, scientist, I save little bits and pieces in a very very large box. There was no sorting or discretion. It became a dumping ground. Last week I bought both the baby addition and the school addition of the Library. Wow, what a difference. It helped my sort through all his wonderful (and honestly not so wonderful) stuff and decide what to keep. I wish I had had this product when my kids were little. Plus its beautiful to look at. Highly recommend." Amy Beaumont


"[Whenever] I get a special card . . . or a milestone like losing a tooth, all I do is drop it into a special folder or box and it is saved and files for ever. I bought one for both my son and my daughter hasn't had a great time filling the folders and boxes. They look great on a shelf in my living room and I know that when my kids grow up they can take the with them and show all their little trinkets to their children and family." - Jeannie Star


Bookshelf Worthy.” -  Becky


“So much more special than your average registry gift -- this is the kind of gift that the mom, family, and kid will have for the rest of their lives.” - FGMama


Beautifully crafted and such a great addition to our home!” - Netta L.


“Baby blankets will fray; books and toys will be discarded, but this gift will remain for years to come as it becomes a priceless part of family history.” - annb


“This lovely system inspired me to take all of the items out and carefully keepsake them. They look gorgeous in my library and the best part is that the children like to look inside them and travel down memory lane with me.” - Claudia S.


“They look great on a shelf in my living room and I know that when my kids grow up they can take the with them and show all their little trinkets to their children and family.” - jeanniestar14


“This is a genius product . . .  and an incredibly easy organization system.” - Michelle


“I love my Savor boxes. I went from unruly baskets full of stuff to a tidy, showcase-able system that looks amazing on my bookshelf.” - Rachel S.


I couldn't figure out what to do with items other than photos that I can put in an album or scrap book so this is a great solution.” - Courtney H.


"Love the new design and that they’ve added pull tabs to slide each individual side out on its own. They also added customizable folder tags and letters to label everything. Love these and will continue buying them as my kids grow up." - Amazon customer 


“They are GENIUS! Kids come home from school, I do a culling of their school "stuff" and the "save" items go directly into the respective Savor box. Neat, tidy, and gorgeous - wish I'd had these years ago.” - Sandy M.


“It’s my go-to baby gift.” - Susan A.


Chic and practical. “ - Susan Badertscher


“She loved it.”  - Mary


“I prefer to give a baby gift that will last and be appreciated for many years. The Library is my new go-to baby and shower gift.” - Peggy


“It's . . . the best shower gift I can think of. In an era of Insta and Snap, it's so nice to have tangible evidence of these fleeting moments.”  - Andrea


“I have been so excited to get these for my daughters. Just got the first one and in an hour, I had transformed a storage box worth of stuff into this classy storage system, I love it!” - Erin


"This is such a cute product and so well made. Couldn't be happier. I can't wait to collect all my sons mementos. Great way to save all the important things. I can't wait until he is older to go through this keepsake box with him."  - Leslie H

"I have nothing but great things to say about this product and/or the Savor Company itself. The Keepsake Collection is brilliantly designed down to the minute detail. Everything has been thought of and is included with this efficient and organized system. . . .  As far as the Savor Company itself, I venture to say there are few companies like this out there anymore. I dealt personally with Jenny (Co-CEO) and found her to be nothing short of exceptional which is reflected in her beautiful product, as well as her company's incredible integrity. When the product and the company both exceed all standards, you can't go wrong with a purchase!" - Char Brown


"Bought this for my friends baby shower. Good quality and she loved it! Wish the price was a little lower though." E. Molloy


"Great Products perfect for keepsake box." - Shy

"A perfect way to organize the tokens of your baby's life that you want to keep and cherish for a lifetime." – Isabel


"I purchased this for my daughter and son-in-law in anticipation of the arrival of my first grandchild. I am extremely impressed with the box and will probably purchase one for any future grandchildren. - Sandy Butt

"Very nice quality gift. [T]he workmanship make(s) it a wonderful gift to keep memories and baby item as keepsake." - c.l.

"This memento box is such a great idea.  I did receive one box with a slight imperfection and I contacted the Company about this issue and the owner email me back within 20 minutes! Very impressive customer service! She immediately sent me a new box and offered me a discount. Great box and even better customer service.Great box and even better customer service." - Adam B.

"Fast service and exquisite care taken to craft a lifetime keepsake for my mementos. I'll be using this for all my corporate baby gifts in the future!!!" - Cassie O.


"True quality item." - Michael Goyette

"Beautiful, customizable, sleek, modern way to keepsake baby items, forms, pictures, and more. I will buy the kid version shortly for future use!" - Emily C.

"Super easy & unique way to store important keepsakes from your sweet baby's first years! I haven't been great about keeping a baby book so this is a perfect way to make sure these important tidbits don't get lost!!" - Julie GB


It's expensive to send to Switzerland with taxes and delivery but I'm so happy to have a solution.  Can't wait to receive it." - Kathy G.


"Love your work!" - Angela A.

"Nice item for busy moms. Good quality. Will be perfect for kids arts, memories, reports and, of course, it has lots of boxes for their first items" - Winnie