How to Use Your Savor Keepsake Box

Saving your family mementos has never been so easy or so fun. Savor includes all the details to make it super simple to save those family memories that matter most in a box worthy of the special memories they hold.


Acid-Free Drawers in Wedding and Baby Edition store key objects, from cake toppers to blankies.

File folders with debossed logo keep documents organized.

 Savor wedding keepsake boxes are sturdy, covered with custom-dyed book cloth

Sturdy, custom-dyed fabric boxes weigh over 4 lbs.

 The Wedding Edition makes removing keepsake boxes easy with ribbon pull.

Ribbon pull-on slider makes removing boxes easy. 

Illustrated labels guide you in what's worth keeping. 

Acetate initials allow you to personalize savor keepsake boxes

Acetate initials allow you to personalize boxes (or add photos).

Savor Wedding Edition Keepsake Boxes feature debossed titles on spines

Elegant debossed spines resemble book titles.

Baby and School Years Editions include small envelopes for first lost tooth, first lock of hair or tiny treasures.


Stitched folders in Wedding Edition store important documents, such as invitation, table cards, vows, and more.



Surveys give an easy snapshot of memories, from yearly birthday survey, to first anniversary survey you take and seal for later sharing.