Baby Edition Keepsake Box

$ 83.95

SLATE BACKORDERED UNTIL 7/15.  A bespoke and super easy system to organize, enjoy, and store your most important memories from those early years (ages 0-4). The Baby Edition Keepsake Box includes every detail to make sorting all your baby's keepsakes - from the first sonogram to his favorite blankie - a snap. Acid-free drawers, vertical files for documents, even mini envelopes for that first lock of hair or first tooth, and illustrated labels help you organize and then find these priceless keepsakes.
The sturdy, custom-dyed fabric boxes of The Library are meant to be displayed like beautiful books and passed on proudly to the next generation, more fitting than that plastic tub.   While childhood may be fleeting, the memories last forever with the Baby Edition Keepsake Box.


*Cloth case holds two "books" one for keepsake objects and one for documents.
*50+ Illustrated labels show you what to save and where to find it.
*9 Drawers in "Collections" Box preserve baby shoes, blankie, first lost tooth, etc.
*8 Vertical files in "Chronicles" Box hold welcome letters, sonogram pictures, and other 2-dimensional items.
*Custom-dyed book cloth fabric, acid-free lining, and reinforced materials ensure it's built to last.
*Acid-free lining preserves keepsakes. 
*Sturdy and hand-crafted weighing over 5 pounds.
*2 Envelopes hold first lock of hair or first lost tooth.
*Birthday Survey documents yearly highlights.
*Ages 0-4.  Free from lead, phthalates, and BPA.
Dimensions: 10.02" x 6.875" x 12.88" in the sleeve; 5 lbs. 13 oz. net wt. 

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