Spring Break Ready: Our Top Tips for Traveling

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savor travel folio

We’re travel obsessed at Savor.  Many of our happiest memories have to do with exploring new destinations.  Which is why, of course, we knew we had to make a Savor travel keepsake box to celebrate our return to travel!  Now that things are finally opening up again, we’re already packing our bags.

But before we jet out, I asked the team for their favorite traveling tips, so you can have the best traveling experience.

Packing Cubes in Suitcase

Use packing cubes:  Our CEO, Jenny, is a travel consultant's daughter, and she's been everywhere.  She swears by packing cubes.  If you fold everything in rows, packing cubes let you see everything you’ve packed; or what you might have missed. They make unpacking a breeze -- just pull them out and put them straight into a drawer.  

Pack by outfit, not by item:  We’ve all done it — packed X number of t-shirts with Y number of pants, one for each day. And then we wear the same pair of jeans for several days, or don’t even look at those high-heels we brought “just in case.” The best way to prevent this is packing by outfit, rather than individual clothes.  Jenny suggests this is also key when you’re packing for kids, so getting ready in the morning is easier.  She even adds pajamas into the rows.

Pack smart: My mom used to say “No one ever won a prize for packing the least,” but my ability to carry on luggage or having to lug my own stuff around says otherwise.  When planning your luggage, make sure you focus on items you can wear several times without them showing dirt or smelling, like jeans.  

Map with Passport and Camera

Be ready for anything: Make sure you have an extra outfit on your carry-on for possible losses or delays. Two, if you’re traveling with kids (Spit up can get on them and you.)  Lauren, on our personalization team, never leaves “without a bikini or a passport,” even if she’s just going hiking in the next state over, reminding us “Travel is  about being ready for any adventure.”

Research — extensively:  The best way to make sure you are not spending extra is to do your research. Make sure you have your miles and airline points in mind when choosing a destination. Some small choices make a big difference towards earning points for future trip. I always check out The Points Guy before booking because they’re great at pinpointing how to maximize points value.

Airplane Window in Clouds

Be generous with sunscreen: It’s pretty common to wait until you’ve reached the beach to apply SPF, but your skin always needs protection! Savannah shocked me by saying you need sunscreen even on a plane. Apparently, it has to do with being closer to the ozone layer, where sun rays are more powerful. (Trust us, it’s a thing.). 

Take care of your skin: Savor is a skin-savvy group.  Savannah swears by eye patches to depuff and beat that dry air.  Rachel keeps a bag just for the plane with a moisturizing mister for her skin, a water bottle she refills at the airport, a pair of cozy socks, and a good moisturizing cream.

Travel Vault Keepsake Box

Watch out for souvenirs:  Some of the best souvenirs are relatively inexpensive, and generally don't require a visit to a kitschy store.  They're a great way to bring back memories from your trip.  Dana, one of our calligraphers, walks artisan markets looking for wooden replicas of native animals. Kari, our social media manager, prefers to keep collect classic hotel keychain replicas. Once you get back home, you can sit down with your kids and sort out your mementos on your Travel Keepsake Box. Not only will you have a great time remembering and bonding over the trip’s memories, but it will also make the transition back into home life a lot easier. 

These were our best travel tips! What are yours?