Savor donating all profits to families in crisis

Savor donating all profits to families in crisis
headline for savor donating profits from keepsake sales to covid affected families in crisis
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TL, DR: We are donating 100% of profits of sales this week to families in need.

There's this crazy contrast going on right now.   Many of us, myself included, are feeling upset and worried by news reports,  but we are stuck at home, largely helpless to do anything that matters beyond that (although that matters a great deal).  We are struggling to balance homeschooling with work, keeping siblings from squabbling, and figuring out 3 meals a day for our families while exchanging funny memes reflecting the stir-craziness of this period.  We are tackling organizational and home projects we have put off for years.  For me, at least, there has also been real joy in having my pre-teens and teens all together under one roof for probably the last time in a long time. 

But for other families out there, the struggle is much more dire.  The stakes are more intense.  They've lost their income.  They live in a cash economy and have no savings to fall back on.  These are working class and immigrant families who aren't covered by government grants or unemployment. They have to take the jobs we depend on that put them at greater risk of infection.  They live in close quarters, where the virus is more likely to spread. They can't afford to buy in bulk or shop online.  They still need to take public transport to get to these jobs. They need our help.  

The Savor community values the importance of family.  That's why we care about saving these precious memories.  It has always been a priority of ours to ensure all families can create happy memories, which is why we always donate a portion of proceeds to families in need. 

But now it's time to step up that effort.  For the next week, 100% of profits from our website sales will go to an emergency Covid fund that is providing cash assistance, largely for food, for New Yorkers hardest hit by this crisis.  We're working with a grassroots NYC organization I've worked with for many years who is located in the "epicenter of the epicenter" in Queens, and sees directly how the most vulnerable families are getting hit.  They know how to make a difference in these communities and get help to those who need it.  

So if you're thinking you want to use this time productively, if you want to gather around family memories, if you want to gift one to your mom for Mother's Day, there's been no better time to do this.  Please join us.  (Also, if you just want to give to them directly, here's how.)

Stay Home.  Stay Safe.  Make Memories (and help others do the same.)

The fine print: Applies to orders on from 4/8/20 to midnight 4/15/20.