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Welcome to the Library:  Start the Story of your Life

Welcome to the Library: Start the Story of your Life

Welcome to Savor.

We are so happy you managed to squeeze us in between the drop-offs, work deadlines, and getting dinner on the table. Like you, we are busy, overwhelmed parents, who nonetheless want to create and preserve happy and beautiful family memories. That’s our operating principle whether it comes to organizing the treasured objects that tell our stories or just celebrating every day family moments. It’s what guides our products, and it’s what guides our blog.

We, too, have come home from school conferences laden with papers that have sat on the counter for a week and then migrated to the top of the closet: Ignored, disorganized, and ultimately lost. But we felt sure there was a better, easier way. We should be able to talk about our family’s precious memories without feeling guilty or angst-ridden. The stories of our lives should be in a place where we feel joy in them, where we look at them and engage with them. And we shouldn’t have to spend hours to get it that way.

Savor the memories

This idea—that we can live well and beautifully, without it being too hard to do – animates our blog, too. We’ll be offering easy, clever ideas to enrich family life. Think of us as those go-to moms you text when you need parenting advice. When you want a memorable birthday party idea that doesn’t require a huge budget or a PhD in arts and crafts. When you want to have a healthy family dinner without a lot of effort. When you’re trying to figure out what to do with all that artwork your kids have created that is threatening to push you out of house and home.

Along the way, we invite you to #savoritall with us. Share with us the tiny daily rituals that define your family life and celebrate with us your momentous occasions. Share with us the everyday joys of family but also the struggles that are part of the learning. We’re in it together, and we are better when we share with each other.


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