Savor's Story

We met about 9 years ago when our kids were just starting school together. We came up with the idea of Savor when we realized that we (and every parent we knew) would come home from school conferences laden with papers that sat on the counter for a week and then migrated to the ugly plastic bin at the top of the closet: ignored, disorganized, and ultimately lost.

Like all parents, we care deeply about these tokens of childhood we’ve collected. The smell of that shirt our son insisted on wearing day after day after day, which we hated then, now brings us right back to that moment in his childhood that would otherwise be gone. In this digital age, we are as photo-happy as the next parent, but we aren’t gathering around the computer to feel close.   It’s the objects that tell the stories of our lives. We believe they deserve more than the plastic bin into which they are often shoved.

We felt sure that with Karla, the neatnick and Jenny, the organization queen, we could come up with a system that would be better—both easier and more fun. We knew that if we put in the thought to categorizing items, others wouldn’t have to. We spent more than two years researching and prototyping, designing and redesigning, and interviewing countless parents, grandparents, organizers, designers, retailers, archivists and others, to get the details just right. The Library’s handmade, book cloth-covered boxes are the antidote to the ugly plastic bin. And our labeling system makes organizing keepsakes easy, so they are kept accessible and enjoyed more.

The stories of our lives should be in a place where we feel joy in them, where we look at them and engage with them. And we shouldn’t have to spend hours to get it that way. The Library gives them an impactful way of passing these timeless mementos on to the next generation. 

The Library:  Tell the story of your life.

We Believe:

Every day offers moments to savor.

In a digital world, physical objects have special meaning.

In saving what matters most.

Your artifacts deserve curation.

Good ideas should be shared.

All families deserve happy memories.