Baby & School Editions Gift Set

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SLATE AND OCEAN BACKORDERED UNTIL 6/24 Start them off right (and save!) with a combination of two of our most popular items in a gift set, the Baby and School Years Edition Keepsake Boxes.  The Library is a bespoke and super easy system to organize, enjoy, and store your most important childhood memories. We've thought of every detail to make sorting all your keepsakes - from the blankie that comforted her to the fly ball she caught - a snap.  Acid-free drawers, vertical files for documents, even mini envelopes for that first lock of hair or first tooth, and illustrated labels help you organize and then find these cherished heirlooms.

The Starter Set collects all the important keepsakes from baby and school years, from ages 0-18, in one safe and convenient place.



Baby Edition:
*Two handcrafted "books" in a custom-dyed cloth case hold baby's most important keepsakes.
*One volume "Collections" opens to show 9 drawers.
*One volume "Chronicles" opens to show 8 vertical files for sonograms, baby's important papers or photos.
*50+ Illustrated labels show what to save and where to find it.
*Acetate Initials included to personalize the box (or use baby's photo).
*Acid-free lining protects keepsakes 
*2 Envelopes hold first haircut and first lost tooth. 
*Birthday Survey to document yearly highlights
*Built to last, with fabric cover, sturdy weight over 5 pounds, magnetic closure.
*Ages 0-4

School Years
*Two handcrafted "books" in a custom-dyed cloth case hold children's most important keepsakes
*16 Vertical files kept in two "books" to hold class pictures, letters from camp, and more.
*50+ illustrated labels guide you in what's worth keeping, from school reports to performances to Mother's Day cards.
*Acetate Initials included to personalize the box (or use child's photo)
*Embossed titles on spines "Work" for in-school items, "Whimsy" for outside school
*Acid-free lining protects keepsakes 
2 Envelopes for small keepsakes
Birthday Survey to document yearly highlights

Free from lead, phthalates, and BPA


Each set measures 10.02" x 6.1" x 12.88" in the sleeve; Baby Edition 5.83 lbs, School Years 4.51 lbs. 

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