Our Savorite Things


  • Preserving Baby's First Photo

    These days, the first photo of our little ones emerges before they do: the sonogram. As you may have noticed, they’re not printed on the most sturdy of materials. Indeed, the Scrapbook Preservation Society (SPS) has gone so far as to call them “unstable.” How do you ensure that you can preserve ... View Post
  • Travel Journals: Enjoying the Ride

    I took my young children to Paris for spring break last year after we went to see their grandparents in the UK.  A lot of folks asked me whether or not my kids were too young to get much out of the trip, whether they were bored or not excited about what we did.  I traveled a lot when I was little... View Post
  • Game On: Planning Family Game Night

    With everyone bemoaning the loss of family time to screens, we have sought to replace weekend family movies with a game night. As with adults, sometimes there's groaning before everyone starts, but some popcorn and an hour later, everyone is hooked.  We have kids of different ages, and sometim... View Post